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  • The Wheelman

    A career criminal going straight, he's the getaway driver, the ace pilot, and the cover fire you're always hoping for at the last minute, when all hell breaks loose. He's not clean, but he's remarkably professional about it. Good examples of this type …

  • The Intelligence Officer

    Young, brilliant, and bored, the Intelligence Officer wants to be tested. He's most often a handler, ferreting out resources and threats for his cell to tackle. His tactical knowledge and knack for creative use of environments and dispatching makes him an …

  • The Gunslinger

    The very definition of the strong, silent type, the Gunslinger is a stone cold killer. He is the boogeyman of the world of espionage, striking quickly and decisively with no regard to anything other than the mission at hand.

  • The Faceman

    He's the suave, smooth face of the operation, the one to butter up contacts, deal with the enemies, and maybe get the girl... if he didn't enjoy having the bullseye trailing over his chest so much, and rubbing it in the villains' faces. Your typical …

  • The Tech Genius

    CalTech was a breeze. MIT, less so. What he had built prior to the service, no one could match. That was the problem: he needed to work against a higher class of competitors. Nowadays he thinks, he should have been careful what he wished for.

  • The Martial Specialist

    The Martial Specialist has had an interesting career being dropped in touchy situations with little to no gear. A master at improvisation, he’s called upon to infiltrate theaters where weaponry is sparse or uncalled for. Good examples of this character …

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