As the sharp-dressed man strode up the marble stairs of the Italian chateau to the sound of the ballroom string quartet below, his handler gave him the all-clear.

“Weasel is on the move. We’re almost there, gentlemen. Two more steps. Wheels, are you in position?”

Outside, mingling with the valets, a man in a vest and rolled-up sleeves took a cigarette break and leaned in, pushing his earpiece further in. “Yeah, we’re good. Rendez-vous point is parked behind the delivery station, west wing. The relay is two clicks south-southeast. Call when the football is in play.”

“Hey fellas, I gotta say, this is Waystation… Whose bright idea it was to have all our callsigns start with a W on this op? I feel like a bad 90s band, and you know how that gets my singing going…”

The sharp-dressed man sighed audibly, inadvertedly drawing the attention of a pair of armed guards.
“Hey! You! You have no business being here. How’d you get past…”
“Gentlemen, I’m sorry”, the man said, producing a key from his tuxedo jacket. “I just got this sweet thing from this unbelievable honeypot downstairs in the gala room, and well, you know how this goes, and I seem to have gotten myself…”
One guard cocked his weapon. “Piss off, loverboy. You, call the head sec…”

From the shadows, Weasel’s partner struck fast, taking down both guards with palm strikes, hip tosses and snap kicks in a matter of seconds. Bewildered, Weasel froze until silence had resumed.

“Weapon here. Weasel is in the nest.”

The handler’s reply was stern:
“You’re on thin ice now. Weapon, you’re relieved. Meetup to Wheels’ next location. Weasel, no gung-ho improvisation this time. Waiver is standing by to guide you past the security protocol. Acquisition is slated in T minus 2 minutes after final infiltration. And… Go.”

Weasel opened the doors to the secret server room, as Waystation’s voice broke the silence.

“Wallflower, come in? We… may or may not, y’know… have a problem…”

The Prejudice Gambit is a two-part spy adventure for four players set in a modern, technologically advanced era reminiscent of fictional thrillers like James Bond, Taken, Alpha Protocol, Mission: Impossible, Splinter Cell and the Jack Ryan series.

Players take part in the adventure as one of six (6) potential covert agents:

  • Intelligence Officer: A handler with a variety of expertise, often working remotely with his partners
  • Faceman: A suave, smooth, mercurial infiltrator
  • Gunslinger: A deadly agent with all kinds of firearms
  • Martial Specialist: A close combat powerhouse
  • Tech Genius: A technical, if unhinged, genius with a mastery of engineering
  • Wheelman: A reformed criminal and unparalleled driver

The Prejudice Gambit: a two-part spy thriller