The Faceman

Press the flesh, talk the talk, get the mark


The Faceman is a Perceptive Speaker (stealth flavor) who Operates Undercover
Tier 1 Character

Effort 1
Might 8 Edge 0
Speed 10 Edge 0
Intellect 18 Edge 1

Recovery rolls
Action x1
10 mins x1
1 hour x1
10 hours x1

Special Abilities
Practiced With Light Weapons
Fast Talk (1 Intellect point)
Understanding (2 Intellect points)
Legerdemain (1 Speed point)
Stealth skills (2; see skills)

Might Skills

Speed Skills
Lockpicking (Trained)
Intellect Skills
Deception (Specialized)
Perception (Specialized)
Cryptography (Trained)
Computer hacking (Trained)
General trivia (Trained)
Intimidation (Trained)
Pleasant social interaction (Inability)

Light hand-to-hand attack: Diff. -1, 2 Damage
Light handgun: Diff. -1, 2 Damage


Max Cyphers 2



He’s the suave, smooth face of the operation, the one to butter up contacts, deal with the enemies, and maybe get the girl… if he didn’t enjoy having the bullseye trailing over his chest so much, and rubbing it in the villains’ faces.

Your typical characters of that nature are the ever-favorite 007, Nikita, and Napoleon Solo.

The Faceman

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