The Gunslinger

A most dexterous agent of the deadly variety


The Gunslinger is a Dishonorable Warrior who is Licensed to Carry
Tier 1 Character

Effort 1
Might 11 Edge 0
Speed 17 Edge 1
Intellect 10 Edge 0

Recovery rolls
Action x1
10 mins x1
1 hour x1
10 hours x1

Special Abilities
Practiced With All Weapons
Cannot get XP from other players’ GM awards
Gunner: +1 Damage when using guns
Practiced with guns: no penalty when firing weapons
Overwatch (1 Intellect point)
Quick Draw (2 Speed points)
Trained without Armor (Trained in Speed Defense when wearing no Armor)
Swipe (1 Speed point)

Might Skills

Speed Skills

Intellect Skills
Deception (Trained)
Intimidation (Trained)
Pleasant social interaction (Inability)

Light hand-to-hand attack: -1 Diff, 2 damage
Medium Hand-to-hand attack: 4 damage


Max Cyphers 2

  • Facemask: Apply and activate, masks user’s features to electronic surveillance for 1D6 hours

2x Medium pistols


The very definition of the strong, silent type, the Gunslinger is a stone cold killer. He is the boogeyman of the world of espionage, striking quickly and decisively with no regard to anything other than the mission at hand.

The Gunslinger

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