The Intelligence Officer

A genius operator from afar


The Intelligence Officer is a Empathetic Speaker with technology flavor who Calculates the Incalculable
Tier 1 Character

Effort 1
Might 8 Edge
Speed 14 Edge
Intellect 18 Edge 1

Recovery rolls
Action x1
10 mins x1
1 hour x1
10 hours x1

Practiced with Light Weapons
Encouragement (1 Intellect point)
Tech Skill (2, see Skills)
Hacker (2 Intellect points)
Scramble Machine (2 Intellect points)
Predictive Equation (2 Intellect points)

Might Skills
Speed Skills
Intellect Skills
Standard Mathematics (Trained)
Higher mathematics (Trained)
Computers (Trained)
Identify technology (Trained)
Empathy (Trained)
Pleasant Social Interactions (Trained)
Intellect Defense (Inability)


Young, brilliant, and bored, the Intelligence Officer wants to be tested. He’s most often a handler, ferreting out resources and threats for his cell to tackle. His tactical knowledge and knack for creative use of environments and dispatching makes him an indispensable eye-in-the-sky.

For character inspirations, think of James Bond’s M, or Jack Ryan from the book series.

The Intelligence Officer

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