The Martial Specialist

One-man army at arm's length


The Martial Specialist is a Guarded Warrior with stealth flavor who Needs No Weapon
Tier 1 Character

Effort 1
Might 12 Edge 1
Speed 14 Edge 1
Intellect 10 Edge 0

Recovery rolls
Action x1
10 mins x1
1 hour x1
10 hours x1

Special Abilities
Practiced With All Weapons
Control the Field (1 Might)
Extra Edge
No Need for Weapons
Stealth Skills (trained in Stealth and Sleight of Hand)
Fists of Fury (+2 damage to unarmed attacks)
Flesh of Stone: +1 Armor if wearing no Armor

Might Skills

Speed Skills
Stealth (Trained)
Sleight of Hand (Trained)

Intellect Skills

Light hand-to-hand attack: Diff. -1, 4 Damage
Medium Hand-to-hand attack: Doff. 0, 6 Damage


Max Cyphers 2



The Martial Specialist has had an interesting career being dropped in touchy situations with little to no gear. A master at improvisation, he’s called upon to infiltrate theaters where weaponry is sparse or uncalled for.

Good examples of this character would be Galahad from Kingsman, Lee from Enter the Dragon, or Emma Peel from The Avengers.

The Martial Specialist

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