The Tech Genius

It's a machine? I can use it


The Tech Genius is a Mad Adept (technology flavor) who Crafts Unique Objects
Tier 1 Character

Might 7 Edge 0
Speed 11 Edge 0
Intellect 20 Edge 1

Recovery rolls
Action x1
10 mins x1
1 hour x1
10 hours x1

Special Abilities
Practiced With Light Weapons
Scan (2 Intellect points)
Hacker (2 Intellect points)
Tinker (1 Intellect point)
Crafter: Weapons, Electronics
Master Identifier
Fits of Insight
Erratic Behavior

Might Skills

Speed Skills

Intellect Skills
Identify device functions (Trained)
Electronics (Trained)
Intellect Defense (Inability)

Light hand-to-hand attack: Diff. -1, 2 Damage
Light handgun: Diff. -1, 2 Damage


Max Cyphers 3



CalTech was a breeze. MIT, less so. What he had built prior to the service, no one could match. That was the problem: he needed to work against a higher class of competitors. Nowadays he thinks, he should have been careful what he wished for.

The Tech Genius

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