The Wheelman

Quickly in, quickly out, in consummate style


The Wheelman is a Tongue-tied Explorer who Drives Dangerously
Tier 1 Character

Effort 1
Might 13 Edge 1
Speed 16 Edge 0
Intellect 9 Edge 0

Recovery rolls
Action x1
10 mins x1
1 hour x1
10 hours x1

Special Abilities
Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons
Block (3 Speed points)
Danger Sense (1 Speed point)
Trained without Armor
Physical Skills (running, climbing)

Might Skills
Climbing (Trained)
Speed Skills
Initiative (Trained) (but not social)
Running (Trained)
Driving (Specialized)
Speed Defense (Trained; without Armor)
Intellect Skills
Repair motor vehicles (Specialized)
Perception (Trained)
Social Interactions (Inability)
Verbal communication or relaying info (Inability)

Light hand-to-hand attack: -1 Diff, 2 damage
Medium Hand-to-hand attack: 4 damage


Max Cyphers 2

A fast car that can accommodate the whole team
A Medium pistol


A career criminal going straight, he’s the getaway driver, the ace pilot, and the cover fire you’re always hoping for at the last minute, when all hell breaks loose. He’s not clean, but he’s remarkably professional about it.

Good examples of this type of character are Frank Martin from the Transporter film series, Xander Cage from xXx, and the unnamed driver portrayed by Ryan Gosling in Drive.

The Wheelman

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